Since 1965, JEWEL STUDIO has supplying her own peculiar design of jewelry with yellow gold, white gold, platinum to clients. We are fully responsible in the flow of purchasing raw ore, designing, quality control, and marketing. By having a close connection with the local affiliated factory in overseas for the manufacturing work is entrusted to local production. When you visit our Jewel Studio salon, a tremendous high designing of jewelries with the use of a couple of hundreds of jewelry will be attained to you! Collecting jewelry is the special joy for any women. The collections of jewelry tell the history with the woman and her way of the life that is continuously inherited to the next generation. “For one’s own good, the life of a precious jewelry is given.” Your chosen jewelries shall be only happy to meet you at Jewel Studio salon.


The Chairman of Jewel Studio
Tetsunori Yoshida


  • Precious Stone

    The ability of selecting precious stones

    Distinguishing of perfect stones can be handled by a layman with a manual or using an inspecting machine. However, distinction of precious stones is not easy work. For many centuries, powerful jewelries had been always attracting to the people. Jewel Studio is established the policy in purchasing raw ore like the people are drawn into an attractiveness of the best quality of products. Our company had gathered unique raw ore of ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite and etc. from all over the world for our customers.


  • Semi Precious Stone

    More than three hundreds of precious stones are existed on the earth!

    With the earth, three hundreds of any stones called as natural ore are formally registered now. From this volume, one hundred of stones are listed with the elements having the beauty of jewelries. Currently, our house-made of original designing jewelries are released. In the world of jewelries, there are more than five major jewelries on the earth. Firstly perceiving to unfamiliar jewelries brings fulfilling enjoyment to the collectors of beautiful jewelries. Jewel Studio is likely introducing a variety of jewelries in our collection.


  • Design

    A close conversation with jewels

    The jewelry design of Jewel Studio starts with a face-to-face conversation between jewels and designers.
    We believe that jewelry design is an understanding as well as a making of an ideal stage desired by the jewel itself. All jewelry of Jewel Studio is never a tool of expression for the jewelry designers themselves. A jewel’s spirit exists beyond the human spirit.

    Designers play the role which supports the ideal beauty by not fighting but cooperating with the power of a jewel. It is like taking an important role as the communicator between nature and human.
    Moreover, color, shape, cleanliness and light balance of jewels are influenced by memories from a previous life as well as by feelings which exist in the sharpened blood by human beings as owners, ancestors and repetition of a long history.
    Jewel Studio jewelry is a gift given resonantly without scientific grounds, to others.


  • Making

    Anonymous harmony

    Imperfect work is never allowed for making great jewelries. Fusion of the art of skilled worker, the latest machine technology and the strong will of manufacture with the love of jewelries lead a breathtaking beauty. Likely, everybody can admit this beauty! Skilled worker is blessed with the perfect art by taking the sense of beauty into carefully account of making jewelries that is to say, making jewelries by Jewel Studio may be expressed in the fruit of perfect art.


  • Guarantee

    The certification from the industrial organization

    The authorized Jewel Studio made jewelries are sent out into society one by one as our master pieces. All jewelries from Jewel Studio usually guaranteed with a material certification by the third party of jewelry distinguishing association expects to use as an objective check to the condition of delivered jewelry which is a fake or not. Items mentioned in a released jewelry certification with Jewel Studio should be fully covered.




Company name Jewel Studio Co. Ltd.
The company address 3-3-3-802 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan 814-0001
The chairman of the board Tetsunori Yoshida
Date of establishment May 27, 1965
Stock capitalization 80,000,000 .JYen
The types of business Jewels and ornaments, making, designing, sales and promotion of art crafts
Bankers The Kitakyushu Bank, The Bank of Fukuoka


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